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What is a Gem?


The main characteristics of a gemstone are its beauty, rarity, durability, value and acceptability.

The durability of a gem refers to its hardness, toughness and stability.


Gems react differently to abrasion, shock and environmental changes (light, heat, chemicals, and water).


Here are some tips to keep your jewelry as long as possible.



How to preserve jewelry?



All metals and all stones can be altered by chemicals.

To permanently keep your jewelry, do not wear jewelry for all household activities, gardening, swimming (pool and sea) ... and when you wash your hands, put cream or perfume on, take a bath or shower, have the reflex to remove your jewelry.



During sports, DIY... have the reflex to remove your jewelry.

It is also best to remove jewelry to sleep.



When you are not wearing your jewelry, it is best to store them in caskets or small individual fabric bags - It is best to avoid contact between pieces of jewelry especially if you carry them. Stones can be altered by contact with each other


Maintenance of silver jewelry:

Silver is a metal that tarnishes over time: it is inevitable especially with the silver used in jewelry (925). It is impossible to predict how long a piece of silver jewelry will take to tarnish because it depends on many factors, including the acidity of the skin. All our silver jewelry has rhodium: a thin layer of rhodium that accentuates the shine of the metal and slightly delays the oxidation is applied. However, nothing can stop this natural phenomenon.

Clean your jewelry with a small chamois soft cloth, and use from time to time a product suitable for cleaning.


Maintenance of stones:

Every day, dust and small debris accumulate in the back of a stone and prevent light from passing. This makes your jewelry duller and less brilliant. To restore the luster to your jewelry, simply clean your stones regularly.

To do so, use warm soapy water and a brush with very soft bristles (like a soft toothbrush). You can reach every corner of your jewelry by gently removing all traces of dust, and restore your stones’ natural glow.




If you would like specific advice for the maintenance of certain stones, contact us

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