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If travel is a passion for Virginie it symbolizes, for her, a return to basics.

Curious about the world and its treasures, it is primarily through photography that captures Virginie's meetings.  Meetings with the earth, heaven, life, color, light, materials... Continuing a poetic inventory of the world, Virginie today sings of gemstones.

What secrets lie behind the beauty of the moonstone, tourmaline, topaz or behind the simplest of citrine? It is this quest, and thus a meditation on life that engages Virginie in creating the collection.



Here also blows a wind from Asia, Africa and Latin America, all those distant lands where Virginie contracted a passion for gems.

As tiny movements that come together to work together around a position of equilibrium, Dorjaï jewelry mark their presence in every being which carries through the subtle action of their stones.

With soft and sleek curves, the designs are bright, clean and discreet, ready to welcome the jewels of your choice that marry perfectly with your personality. They reveal a passionate, playful and mysterious nature, as remarkable or discrete assets, Dorjaï gems tell their story, offer healing benefits, and become alchemy with the wearer.



Virginie imagines jewelry with multiple transformations: clips set with various shapes and stones giving different combinations of well-being. Each clip can be worn as a bracelet or a ring.  Both ingenious and creative, the collection becomes an essential accessory for those wishing to adapt their jewelry to their desires of the moment.


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